Graciany's Triple IPA

A big, yet dry and brilliantly hoppy Triple IPA from Florida!

Recipe Author: 


Beer Style: 

Triple IPA

Batch Size: 

6.00 gallons

Boil Time: 

90 minutes

Original Gravity: 


FInal Gravity: 



20 lbs Pale Malt (US)

0.75 lbs Carapils

0.5 lbs Carastan

Mashing Instructions: 

148°F for 50 minutes

156°F for 15 minutes

168°F for 10 minutes


0.5 oz Amarillo 9.2%AA First Wort Hop

15ml Hop Extract (Hop Shot)  for 90 mins

1.5 oz CTZ 15.5%AA for 45 minutes

4.0 oz Simcoe 13%AA - 0min
2.0 oz Centennial 10%AA - 0 min

Dry Hops #1: Add 10–14 days before bottling 
        2 oz Columbus
        1.5 oz Centennial
        2 oz Simcoe

        Dry Hops #2: Add 4–5 days before bottling 
        1.5 oz Columbus
        1 oz Simcoe
        0.5 oz Centennial
        0.5 oz Amarillo


Imperial A01 House

Water Treatment: 

Start with Distilled Water....

8ml Lactic Acid (mash)

13.7g Gypsum (mash)

7.5g Epsom Salt (mash)

0.9g Calcium Chloride (mash)

1.6g Salt (mash)

5.7g Gypsum (boil)

3.1g Epsom Salt (boil)

0.7g Salt (boil)

0.4g Calcium Chloride (boil)

0.5 tsp Citric Acid (boil)