Israel Bissell (IB) NE IPA

New Fangled New England IPA. This recipe is an amalgamation of a few recipes out on the internet - particularly Ed Coffey's HopHands Clone and Jason Faylor's NE IPA that he kindly sent us for tasting. Who's Israel Bissell? He's my ancestor who legendarily rode from Watertown MA to Philadelphia warning of the British attack. In other words - he's the guy who made Paul Revere look like a piker!

Beer Style: 


Batch Size: 

5.50 gallons

Boil Time: 

60 minutes

Original Gravity: 







5.60% ABV


9.5 lbs          Pale Ale Malt
1.0 lbs          Munich Malt
1.0 lbs          Oats, Flaked

Mashing Instructions: 

Single Infusion Mash at 152F for 60 minutes


0.25 oz    Warrior    15.0% AA    60 minutes
0.50 oz    Centennial    10.0% AA    5 minutes
0.50 oz    Citra    12.0% AA    5.0 minutes      
0.50 oz    Amarillo Gold    8.5% AA    Steep/Whirlpool    20 minutes 
0.50 oz    Centennial    10.0% AA     Steep/Whirlpool 20 minutes 
0.50 oz    Citra    12.0% AA    Steep/Whirlpool 20 minutes 
2.00 oz    Amarillo Gold    8.5% AA    Dry Hop for 7 days
2.00 oz    Centennial    10.0% AA     Dry Hop for 7 days
2.00 oz    Citra    12.0% AA     Dry Hop for 7 days

Extra Ingredients: 

Water salts 

No Irish Moss, etc.


Wyeast 1056
Wyeast 1318 London III

Special Instructions / Notes: 

Match your water profile to ~ 1:1 ratio of Chloride to Sulfate (aka Calcium Chloride and Gypsum)

For the purposes of this experiment, let's start with Reverse Osmosis (or Distilled) water and add 1.0 gram of Gypsum and 1.0 grams of Calcium Chloride per gallon. It should yield roughly a still nominally sulfate favoring Sulfate/Chloride levels. (If you know your water, feel free to adjust both levels to roughly 150 ppm SO4 / 125 ppm Cl)


Mr. Pants
Water chemistry?

After signing up I saw that water chemistry as a requirement. Any recommendations on how to handle that? I'm not fully confident on how to do this.

jason.mundy's picture
Water Chemistry

Please provide salt additions for RO water so I know I am making the correct beer.

drew's picture
They're there!

They're there!

quirkzoo's picture
Bissell Brothers?

Did you know that there is a brewery in Maine called "Bissell Brothers" that describes themselves as "Maine self-distributed canned hop bombs."

My T-Rex's name is Broccolisaurus

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results due date?

any idea on when the results would be due? I want to do this one but we are also vacationing in July. 

quirkzoo's picture

The signup page says 7/? so I am shooting to brew the beer soon to have results ready before the end of July.

My T-Rex's name is Broccolisaurus

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Adjust Mash or Kettle?

I don't have a lot of experience with water adjustments, for the gypsum and calcium chloride additions, should we be adjusting the strike/sparge water or adding the additions in the kettle after the wort has been collected. I would assume to the strike/sparge water but wanted to double check.

My T-Rex's name is Broccolisaurus

I just dry hopped mine

I just dry hopped mine tonight at the tail end of fermentation.  Looking good!

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Any tasting notes?

So what was this recipe like? Juicy? Sorta Juicy? or Extra Juicy?

... or maybe some even more descriptive tasting notes? :-)

I'm planning to brew this on Monday but I'm thinking of some variations ... because I just can't follow a recipe exactly and because I've got some other ingredients on hand that I think would work well too: white wheat, Rakau hops.