Kiley's Base Session Mead

The perfect base mead for your sessionable mead needs

Recipe Author: 

Kiley Gwynn

Beer Style: 


Batch Size: 

5.00 gallons

Boil Time: 

0 minutes

Original Gravity: 





6.00% ABV


8 lbs Honey

4.25 gallons of water

X amount of herbs and flavors. (see extras for Kiley's Ginger additions)


Extra Ingredients: 

13.25gm of Fermaid O split into 4 portions (3.3gm). (calculated via TONSA 2.0 calculator)

For simple ginger mead: 

1 pound of freshly grated ginger, or 8 oz. dried ginger.

For a more complex mead: 

8 oz. organic dried organic ginger root
8 tsp organic cardamom pod  
4 tsp organic whole black peppercorns 
2 organic whole star anise pods


Yeast: Irish Ale, 71B, EC-1118

Special Instructions / Notes: 

  1. Bring water to a boil, steep any herbs and spices 
    1. Simmer hard barks, roots and berries for 15 minutes and then steep off the heat for another 15 minutes
    2. For delicate herbs, add off the heat and steep for 20-30 minutes
  2. Mix in honey. Transfer to fermenter and allow to cool to 60-70's°F and pitch yeast.
  3. 24 hours post pitch, add one portion of Fermaid O
  4. 48 hours post pitch, add another portion of Fermaid O
  5. 72 hours post pitch, add the third portion.
  6. 7 days post pitch, add the final portion
  7. Once fermentation is completed, keg and carbonate and serve.(approximately 2-4 weeks)

Great episode on the session meads. I am in love with Ginger Beers and will be trying this out with Kiley's basic ginger recipe. Quick question. Do you boil the grated ginger for 15 minutes then turn off heat then add honey? Do you then take out the ginger or leave it in during fermentation? 


That's an amazing season of Kiley's Base and we really enjoy it. I am surprised to see that the review also talk about this. I specially come here to give you feedback for this amazing work.

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Thanks for posting this

Thanks for posting this recipe, I didn't see it a few days ago when I posted in the show's page.  I swung by our LHBS (not the greatest place) to find Fermaid O or K and they didn't have either.  Would Fermax be a viable substitute given the recipe above?  Also, I picked up some local honey too to make this mead this week for my first attempt at a mead!  

One other question, if I bottle the mead do I need to pasturize the bottles to prevent bottle bombs? I am trying to recall from the episode, but I believe it is recommended, even if it is a still mead.  Right?

Thanks for all the great shows and info!  Cheers!