Le Crécerelle(The Kestrel) Petite Saison

Peter's Petite Saison that has a rye spiciness and perfect body for a smaller saison

Recipe Author: 

Peter Howson

Beer Style: 


Batch Size: 

5.00 gallons

Boil Time: 

60 minutes

Original Gravity: 


FInal Gravity: 







5.10% ABV


4.5lb Pilsner (usually Dingemanns Belgian Pilsner) 50%

2.75 lb Vienna (usually Weyermann) 30.6%

1.0 lb Rye (usually Weyermann) 11.1%

0.75 lb Torrified Wheat 8.3%

Mashing Instructions: 

Add grain to 3 gallons 140º F water. This will drop your temperature to 129ºF where it can rest for 20 mins

Add 180º water (between 4 and 6 gallons) to reach 150ºF and rest for for 60 mins


1 oz Aramis 6.9%AA for 60 mins

0.25 oz Saaz 2.9%AA for 10 mins

0.25oz Strisslespalt 2.5%AA for 10 minutes

0.75 oz Saaz 2.9%AA for 2 minutes

0.75oz Strisslespalt 2.5%AA for 2 minutes


Wyeast 3711 - French Saison

Special Instructions / Notes: 

Top up to 5 Gallons if necessary (I like to run the wort through a large funnel which I fill with ice when I know I am going to have to top up. This aerates a little bit extra and speeds up the cooling) and cool to ±85º and pitch one packet Wyeast 3711 (Yes, 85º is higher than recommended on the package: Even though this is not an Abbey Ale, this decision is inspired by Stan Heironymous’ reporting in “Brew Like a Monk” that the Trappists pitch hotter than the rest of us, it seems to have worked well for them through several centuries).

Active fermentation should begin within 6-12 hours.

Ferment for 3 weeks at around 72ishº F space letting the temperature run its natural course.

Bottle condition to 3.2 vols CO2 (Rule of thumb: add a simple syrup made with 500 ml water and 190 grams corn sugar to your bottling bucket for beer at 72ºF).

Just gave this baby a try

I was 'blah' on the 3711 but never thought about using the grainbill to fix it.  Gave this a try today, just stating to bubble in the fermenter.  Ready for April Fools Day!  Thanks Pete & Drew!

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A year later …

Hi, Peter here.

I am still brewing this beer regularly. I did want to correct one thing from the original interview. The head brewer where I work recently discovered that I was interviewed and pointed out that the mash is not a BIAB style mash. He contends that I am using a step infusion mash in which I happen to use enough water to raise the temp so that my final preboil volume does nto require a sparge. 

That was driven home for me recently when I upgraded my hot liquor tank with a sous vide that keeps the water at 95ºC. I used to boil 6 gallons of water and dump it in a cooler where it would sit until it was time to bump up the temp. The new setup gets me from the first rest at 53ºC to the sachs rest at 65ºC with a much smaller volume of water so I now have to sparge to get to the final volume of around 7 gallons preboil. Interestingly, I still end up with the exact same 1.047 OG.

Anyway, just thought I would add that one data point. I am planning to try the next batch with wind malt from Mecca and go to the illogical extreme of a step mash to compensate for the under modified grain. Wish me luck.