Le Crécerelle(The Kestrel) Petite Saison

Peter's Petite Saison that has a rye spiciness and perfect body for a smaller saison

Recipe Author: 

Peter Howson

Beer Style: 


Batch Size: 

5.00 gallons

Boil Time: 

60 minutes

Original Gravity: 


FInal Gravity: 







5.10% ABV


4.5lb Pilsner (usually Dingemanns Belgian Pilsner) 50%

2.75 lb Vienna (usually Weyermann) 30.6%

1.0 lb Rye (usually Weyermann) 11.1%

0.75 lb Torrified Wheat 8.3%

Mashing Instructions: 

Add grain to 3 gallons 140º F water. This will drop your temperature to 129ºF where it can rest for 20 mins

Add 180º water (between 4 and 6 gallons) to reach 150ºF and rest for for 60 mins


1 oz Aramis 6.9%AA for 60 mins

0.25 oz Saaz 2.9%AA for 10 mins

0.25oz Strisslespalt 2.5%AA for 10 minutes

0.75 oz Saaz 2.9%AA for 2 minutes

0.75oz Strisslespalt 2.5%AA for 2 minutes


Wyeast 3711 - French Saison

Special Instructions / Notes: 

Top up to 5 Gallons if necessary (I like to run the wort through a large funnel which I fill with ice when I know I am going to have to top up. This aerates a little bit extra and speeds up the cooling) and cool to ±85º and pitch one packet Wyeast 3711 (Yes, 85º is higher than recommended on the package: Even though this is not an Abbey Ale, this decision is inspired by Stan Heironymous’ reporting in “Brew Like a Monk” that the Trappists pitch hotter than the rest of us, it seems to have worked well for them through several centuries).

Active fermentation should begin within 6-12 hours.

Ferment for 3 weeks at around 72ishº F space letting the temperature run its natural course.

Bottle condition to 3.2 vols CO2 (Rule of thumb: add a simple syrup made with 500 ml water and 190 grams corn sugar to your bottling bucket for beer at 72ºF).

Just gave this baby a try

I was 'blah' on the 3711 but never thought about using the grainbill to fix it.  Gave this a try today, just stating to bubble in the fermenter.  Ready for April Fools Day!  Thanks Pete & Drew!