Tooth's Crystal Ale (1917)

From Peter Symons's Bronzed Brews - A classic pint for a hot summer

Beer Style: 

Australian Crystal Ale

Batch Size: 

6.00 gallons

Boil Time: 

70 minutes

Original Gravity: 







5.60% ABV


3.5 lbs Six Row Pilsner malt

3.3 lbs Muntons Mild malt

0.75 lbs Flaked Maize

2.0 lbs Cane Sugar

0.5 oz Parisian Essence (see notes)

Mashing Instructions: 

Mash at 154°F for 60 minutes


0.8oz East Kent Goldings Pellets 4.75%AA 70 minutes

0.33oz Cluster (Australian, preferably) Pellets 7.6%AA 70 minutes

0.5oz East Kent Goldings Pellets 4.75%AA 30 minutes


WLP059 Melbourne / WLP037 Yorkshire Square Yeast / WLP002 English Ale

Special Instructions / Notes: 

Parisian Essence is a caramel syrup used largely for browning gravies. In the US, you can find gravy browning sauces but make sure the one you choose isn't a "Browning & Seasoning" sauce. Those will contain carrots, onions, etc in the mix and lead to flavors you don't want. Find one that is strictly water, caramel and maybe a preservative/processing agent like ammonia. (Here's the Australian brand that Peter uses - )

Ferment at 64°F for 2 days and let rise to 73°F to complete fermentation

Recipe Changes for above

I just received my copy of Bronzed Brews and noticed a couple differences in the recipe specs above.  The book states that the:

-SRM is expected to be ~9 (EBC = ~18)

-ABV is expected to be ~4.8% (i.e. FG ~1.011)