Wyeast 2017 Q3 Winner - Blondie

A Belgian Golden Strong Ale inspired by Clint Eastwood and The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.

Recipe Author: 

Chris Keppler

Beer Style: 

Belgian Golden Strong Ale

Batch Size: 

5.00 gallons

Boil Time: 

60 minutes

Original Gravity: 


FInal Gravity: 





8.10% ABV


12.0 lbs Belgian Pilsner

2 oz Belgian Special B Malt

2.0 lbs Honey (added at Kettle flameout)

Mashing Instructions: 

Protein Rest - 131°F for 20 minutes (15 quarts of 140.8°F water)

Sacchrafication Rest - 146°F for 60 minutes (Infuse 4 quarts of boiling water)

Mash out - 168°F for 15 minutes (Infuse 10.7 quarts of boiling water)


1.5 oz Styrian Goldings 4.5%AA for 60 minutes

1.0 oz Saaz 3%AA for 30 minutes


Wyeast 3739PC - Flanders Golden Ale

Special Instructions / Notes: 

Some background on this recipe:  I have always been a big fan of the "Spaghetti Westerns" since I first watched them together with my dad some many years ago.  I had it in mind this past year to put together a three-part beer, in honor of the three men behind the the 1966 title "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly".  Each beer would be named for and designed after one of the three characters behind those titles.  They would be brewed and fermented separately to begin with and then combined into a 5 gallon barrel (if I could ever find an affordable one) to sit in secondary a bit to "mingle", a la the final climatic scene from the movie. This beer was always in the back of my mind for Clint Eastwood's character, called Blondie in the film.  Please note the use of Belgian Special B as part of the mash, instead of using Golden Raisins as I had envisioned once in my mind, to still get that "raisin-y feel".