Saison Question: Open fermentation

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Saison Question: Open fermentation

Hey D&D!

I was able to catch your live show at Home Brew Con in Balitmore where you interviewed Wyeast and just listened to the saison episode.  So you've really inspired me to brew using the Seasonal Wyeast 3031 strain. Anyway, my brew day just finished, no issues, hit all my numbers... I am using a 5 gallon plastic bucket. I affixed an empty airlock to the top of the fermenter, and did not fill the airlock.  Do you think this is suitable for open fermentation?  

After primary is finished, I plan on racking the beer to glass carboy to give brett a chance work it's magic. I want this to occur under anaerobic conditions, with a filled airlock. The question here is when to transfer the beer to secondary.


Alexander Gashti