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Vacuum Sealer

Hi all,

First time posting in the forum, so please forgive me if I have posted this to the wrong area. I was going to email Drew directly about the question, but thought I would ask the community first. I am about to pick my first hop harvest and have noticed that amazon is selling a few options of vacuum sealers for a very reasonable amount, right about $50. However, I didn't want to spend the money on one of these cheaper models if I would really be missing out on something with a nicer one. Any thoughts? Does anyone have any tips on picking out a good/decent vacuum sealer?


I got this one off of Amazon

I got this one off of Amazon  I've used it for the past few years with homegrown hops, although I feel like I need a way to compress them down first.  I also frequently use it for freezing meat and it definitely is better than just trying to press out any air.  Recently I've been using it quite frequently to seal meat & vegetables for Sous Vide cooking.  

The reason I got the one above is for the accessory feature.  You can get accessory bag and containers, but I wanted to be able to vacuum seal jars for stuff like hops.

Overall, I've been happy getting one, just storage for something of this size is a PITA.