Book Errata

No book ever completely makes it’s way through the editing process with all errors being polished away. As they’re found – we’ll make sure to post errata and clarifications here to help get the right information out there! Leave a comment below if you find an error or email or!

Experimental Homebrewing Errata

  • pg. 17 – Preparation – It says to see page 000 for instructions on pressure canning. Pressure canning is covered on page 79 Canned Starters
  • pg. 27 – California Magnum – Notes – It says ferment for 12 weeks. Should read – “ferment for 1-2 weeks”
  • pg. 29 – The Queen’s Diamonds Barleywine – The amount of Maris Otter is incorrect – it should be 25 lbs, not 15.
  • pg. 31 – Singular Quad – The SRM was mistranscribed – it should be 21.3, not 3.8
  • pg. 69 – Randall Instructions – To clarify the drilling instructions – Use a 1/16th bit – it doesn’t have to be special, just go slow and use light pressure. Use a center punch to make the drilling more stable.
  • pg. 107 – IPA Table – West Coast IPA has OG range of 1.06080, it should be 1.060-80.
  • pg. 171 – Fenugreek – The active substance in fenugreek is Sotolon (or Sotolone) not as mispelled in the book as soloton

Everything Hard Cider Errata

Drew’s hard cider book doesn’t have it’s own website, so a few quick notes on errata found in it. Don’t have Drew’s “Everything Hard Cider?” Buy it now!

  • pg. 63 – Sulfite Dosing Table – the line below the table should say “A teaspoon of potassium metabisulfite contains approximately 1.5 grams of powder

Homebrew All-Stars Errata

  • pg. 64 – “Hannah Banana Imperial Stout” – The recipe is missing it’s hop bill!
4.0 oz Centennial 9.0% AA 60 minutes
1.0 oz UK Goldings 4.6% AA 30 minutes
1.0 oz UK Goldings 4.6% AA 10 minutes
  • pg. 73 – “Fanciest Piece of Equipment” – The solenoid is from a furnace, not water heater.
  • pg. 149 – “Choosing Your Bugs” – Mike’s quote about Brett Clausenii got modified during editing and we missed the shift in meaning. His original quote follows:
    • “-Brett Clausenii: originally isolated from English casks, old English beers almost always had Brett in them, that’s even where Brett gets it’s name (Brett= Brit)”
  • pg. 150 – Pediococcus – Another shift in tone from editorial. Mike’s original quote follows:
    • “Pediococcus also brings the sourness but can also bring diacetyl and can turn your beer into snot.” (aka “Pediococcus causes diacetyl and snot” not “Pediococcus causes diacetyl which can cause snot” which is how the sentence in the book can be read)

Simple Homebrewing Errata

  • page 202 – reptile heaters don’t give off ultraviolet – they operate with infrared!