Episode 32 - The IBU Is A Lie

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In the feedback we tackle Denny's favorite Myths according to our friends and some early feedback about our new show - The Brew Files!

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Brew Files - Episode 1 - BVIP and Springtime in Amarillo

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The Brew Is Out There!

What's this? What's this? It's a new show from us! The Brew Files is our quick hit (~30 minutes) show dedicated to a specific brewing topic. No news, new extraneous guffawing and jawing - one topic, all beer, let's do this. Every week will tackle particular recipes, styles, techniques or ingredients.


The Great Purge - Does a Full Liquid Purge of a Keg Protect Hop Aroma Better

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It's time to test out the validity of another of Drew's favorite techniques - keg purging.

Breweries spend a lot of time worrying over removing as much oxygen possible from their packages (bottles/kegs). Why? It's pretty well established both in tradition and science that oxygen is destructive to beer flavor and aroma pretty quickly. So packaging brewers do everything they can to reduce O2 levels after their intial injection of oxygen post chilling. 


Experiment Status: 

Does purging a keg with CO2 protect hop aroma over time compared to an unpurged keg.

Episode 25 - BrewTan Your Questions Away

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Joe Formanek

Second half of the Q&A episode is now ready for your listening and "learning" pleasure!

But first, before we dive into your questions, we're back with your feedback from the first Q&A episode and some Barley Crop Reports that we've cribbed from our friend Teri Fahrendorf and Denny reports on his eggs, because they're expensive!

BrewTan - Or Do Oxygen Scavenging Chemicals Change the Beer Character

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There's been a big kerfluffle in the online brewing world this year over "LoDO" brewing aka Low Dissolved Oxygen brewing. Proponents of the extremely complex methodology theorize that by reducing the amount of oxygen entrained at all times in the mash or the boil that you prevent oxidative reactions that damage the beer's flavor and reduces the overall malt character.

The reason they're obsessed is they're driven to recreate the "it" character they claim German beers have with their malts that they find lacking in many commercial and homebrews.


Experiment Status: 

Are beers brewed with BrewTan B, organoleptically different than beers brewed without


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