The Books

Simple Homebrewing (June 2019)

Learn to brew the best possible beer with less work and the most fun! Simple Homebrewing reduces the complicated steps for making beer and returns brewing to the fundamentals. Explore easy techniques for directing water, malted barley, hops, and yeast (along with a few odd co-stars) to become beer. Pick up tips and tricks for a range of brewing challenges like making water adjustments, working with adjunct ingredients, and brewing wild beers.

Drew Beechum and Denny Conn will guide you from extract brewing to all-grain batches, explain recipe design and small-batch brewing, and even share ideas on how to make technology work for you. Simple Homebrewing helps you develop a simple, thoughtful brewing process and makes homebrewing more accessible and enjoyable. Even experienced homebrewers can learn from these two famous homebrewers. Simple Homebrewing features fun and expert advice for brewers of all levels.

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Homebrew All-Stars  (May 2016)

Have you ever wanted to brew with Denny or Drew? How about award winners like Gordon Strong or Annie Johnson? Or beery famous folks like Mike “Tasty” McDole, John Palmer, Nathan Smith, and Marshall Schott?

In this book, you’ll get to do just that. Denny and Drew offer a breakdown of the different personality types of brewers and then take you brewing with 25 of the world’s most interesting homebrewers. Learn Nathan Smith’s philosophy on hops and hop selection. Jeff Gladish walks you through how to best cold smoke malt for making complex smoked beers at home.

Really so much to learn! So sit down and get to brewing with some of the world’s best!

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Experimental Homebrewing – Mad Science in the Pursuit of Great Beer (November 2014)

From the fertile minds of Drew Beechum and Denny Conn comes “Experimental Homebrewing”, a book devoted to the idea of playing with your beer. We’ll cover the whole of your brew day from planning your recipe, finding your ingredients to how to treat your beer when you’re pouring. This is going to be a breezy but dense set of words designed to tickle your brewing brain! But Denny and Drew aren’t looking to do this all by themselves! They want your feedback, your experiences. After all, the collective knowledge is greater than the knowledge of just the two of us! So help us out! Don’t want to leave a message at the website? Hit us up in private at or The book is available now! Buy from Amazon, Barnes and Noble or our publisher’s shop QBooks.