Episode 10 - You've Got Questions, We've got "Answers"

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It's Episode 10 and it's finally time to see if we're as smart as we say we are. We discuss the listener response to our Session Beer efforts and promise to post a kickass list of session beer recipes. (Link below) We run off to the pub and discuss the recently concluded Pacific Northwest Homebrewers Conference and the lameness of "pink washing" and silly sexism. And then to the lecture hall where "Professors" Denny and Drew sit down and try and see how long they can fake actually knowing anything. For listener ease we've broken the questions up into categories so you can find things more easily. OVer the course of twenty some odd questions we tackle questions about ingredients, process, styles, yeast and everything else. Before we leave, Drew gives a brief shout out to two very impactful passings that recently occurred. One to the man whose decision in the 70's still impacts us to this day. The other, well, that one's more important to Chihuahua owners. Episode Links:

Episode Contents: 00:00:00 Our Sponsors 00:02:13 Theme and Intro and Listener Feedback 00:06:31 Beer Life from the Experimental Brewing Pub - Pacific Northwest Homebrewers Conference, pinkwashing and unfortunate sexism 00:17:28 The Lecture Hall - Q&A Introduction 00:18:43 Ingredient Questions 00:34:24 Process Questions 01:04:58 Style Questions 01:29:17 Yeast Questions 01:43:52 Miscellaneous Questions 02:04:09 Something Other Than Beer - Ray Tomlinson, Moonie the Chihuahua 02:07:46 Question of the Week, Wrap up and Coming Attractions

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Toasting Hops

Each time you mentioned toasting hops, I remembered this guy from the East Coast. He was using solar power to toast the hops. I found this article that had a one liner about it...


Also found a you tube video. Fast forward to 6:30 minutes and you will see them toasting hops...

But to me... it really looks like they are burning the hops. Too chicken to try this myself...

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All I can think of is

People trying to make smokey IPAs and no.

But the more I think about it the more I wonder if we weren't looking at it wrong and seeing toasting as toasting and not as that de-bittering trick in which case I feel like we missed the point of the question. Which makes me sad

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Episode 10

I'm still working my way through the entire Q&A section (and thoroughly enjoying it!), but wanted to thank you for both of your comments on "pink washing" in the industry. I hadn't heard that term before, but as a female who enjoys a range of beer styles and regular homebrewing, it was so great to hear you guys call it like it is. No, I would not like a glass of moscato, thank you! Nicki

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You're welcome! I just don't

You're welcome! I just don't get it except from an either "behind the times" mentality or something more cynical. Like I said in the podcast "bless their hearts"

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Thanks for the memorial for Ray Tomlinson!

I wanted to thank you for two things in the last episode – first your segment on pinkwashing.  My wife and I both get irritated by some of the things the craft beer industry does in a misguided attempt to appeal to women.

And thanks for the remembrance of Ray Tomlinson.  He was a friend of friends who I had the good fortune to meet on a number of occasions here in the Boston area – and it's thanks in part to him that I have cuts of micro-sheep in my freezer right now.

Jan-Willem Maessen

Q & A podcast

liked it ,guys.  Keep up the format every once in a while - we all need a little help from our friends!

Pacific Northwest Homebrewers Conference

Hi Guys!

Thanks so much for the shout out about the PNWHC.  We are hearing nothing but great things for our first time and loved having Denny as our keynote speaker.  Everything about that conference was volunteer driven and while it was scary to sign the $$$ contract, I knew "if we brew it, they will come!" (insert groan from the crowd).  We learned a lot along the way and can't wait to do it again and share our info with the homebrew community at large.

If other areas want to do something similar, we'll be happy to advise.  AHA really wants to help and do these regional events, but they are a small staff with limited resources (like many of us!).  I still encourage everyone to hit up an NHC if the can.  In the meantime, we will try to capture our thoughts for other groups and anyone is welcome to contact me for advice, thoughts, etc.  I'd love to see more groups "self-actualize" and spread the community connection of homebrewing.


Jill Marilley

Twitter: NWBeerbabe

[email protected]

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Not convinced about yeast clean up either

I hear people throw that term around, but never with any specifics.  

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This, That, The Other Thing

This - just finished listening to the QA episode. Nice work, good idea, keep them coming. And Gentlemen, thank you for the interesting advice and content over the life of this podcast!

That - how about a forum subject devoted to Qs? This could be a running list where folks here could see what Q's have been posed. Your list for episodes. Or put another way - I know you'll take questions from where ever we lurk, but do you prefer a setting?

TOT - Like so many others, I love the low SRM Belgian styles and I'm mostly brewing with this inspiration. I keg but want to arrive at that lovely 4-5 vols Duval effervesence. Of course I mostly get foam when I pour, which does eventually settle out. Is there a way to pour better? We have stout faucets for agitated/low carbonation beers. Can equipment or settings be adjusted in some way to get nice pours of high carbonation beers, or do I need to package in thick bottles with cages? Thank you for any advice!

Portland, OR, USA

Making stuff - adult bevs, charcuterie, music

Mostly brewing Belgian Triple/pale inspired

Small Batch Bottling / Similar Yeasts

Denny and Drew --

I'm late listening to the podcast, Episode 10. Two thoughts:

1. A neat small batch bottling solution is two turn a 2-gallon bucket into a bottling bucket. All it takes is a 1" spade bit and the bottling spigot off your normal bottling bucket.

2. I think you called 3724 and WLP565 "monomers" of the same yeast. I hate to argue with the MIT guy, but I think isomer is more correct, perhaps specifically stereoisomer, and even more specifically diastereomer? Or maybe I have no idea what I am talking about.

-- Chino

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Good idea on the small bucket

Good idea on the small bucket.  I really do need to get more small saavy!

On the monomer word - I'm probably reaching for a misremembered term. The important part is their basically sister strains. Just cause I'm an MIT guy doesn't mean I always get it right (particularly since I'm an engineer and subject to engineer disease)

Great episode

I just lisened to this episode (i'm always a month or so behind with my podcasts).  It was a really great show.  The Q&A section was really informative and interesting and there are some things I will definitely take away from it.

The other thing I like was the discussion of pinkwashing.  When I first heard you mention the word, my heart sank.  I though you were going to launch in to some sexist rant and I would have to unsubscribe from a great podcast.  I was really pleased to hear a topic like this being discussed seriously and with an enlightened viewpoint.  Lazy sexism is fairly prevelent in homebrew formums and the like and it was good to hear an eloquant challenge to ill-considered stereotyping. 

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Denny and I are both pretty hardcore advocates of humanism. So yeah, it only makes sense to us that ill/disrespectful treatment should be a cause for correction!

Thank you for listening and hope you keep enjoying the show!

1 Gallon/Small batch brewing

Great episode and glad I found your book and podcast. Tons of great information. 

In the spirit of keeping it simple and having bottled a few one gallon batches the simplest approach to bottling is to just tip the bottling bucket 45 deg towards the drain. I use my wife to hold the bucket but I plan on building a holder in the future. Since this basically puts the drain at the lowest point you lose very little of the batch.