Episode 54 - Quaffing a Better Engineered Beer

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On this week's episode, we sit down and look at more trademark disputes, interesting business moves and why social media is ruining beer before heading to the lab for secret experiments, the brewery for ingredient explorations and then into the lounge where Drew sits down with a couple of award winning home brewers - Derek Springer (aka Five Blades Brewing) of the Society of Barley Engineers and Nick Corona (aka 2016's AHA Homebrewer of the Year) of QUAFF. Find out what it means to homebrew in America's brewery mecca! And then of course we answer some questions before Drew leaves you with the nerdiest sports thing to nerd.

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Episode Contents:

00:00:00 Opening & Our Sponsors

00:03:54 Announcements & Corrections & Feedback

00:7:12 The Pub

00:22:18 The Brewery - Hybrid Systems & Hop Plans

00:31:22 The Lab - Denny's Secret Plans

00:35:44 The Lounge - Derek Springer & Nick Corona

01:20:15 Q&A

01:29:14 Quick Tip

01:30:51 Something Other Than Beer

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I personally believe NE IPA is not a trending fad. On the East Coast places like Trillium, Treehouse, Tired Hands, Bissell Brothers have lines down the street, around the corner and go for miles.  Comparing them to Black IPA is disingenuous as Black IPA still sorta tastes like an IPA.  NE IPA has very little bitterness to almost no percieved bitterness, which is very attractive to a lot of beer drinkers who don't like "hoppy/bitter" beers.  It's like a perfect kaleidoscope of flavors that expands beyond the traditional hophead.  There is something to this "fad" in the fact that many of the bigger brewers are trying to either emulate or create their own NE IPA's or NE IPA-Esque beers.  Words like Unfiltered/Juicy popping up on almost every new IPA can/bottle.  Also the number of brewers putting their IPA's in 16 oz Pounder cans to mimic those NE IPA brewers is skyrocketting too. 

It's my personal belief that NE IPA is here to stay. I sorta wish it had a different name though.  It's not really an IPA by definition except that it's overloaded with hops.  I do feel like NE IPA probably won't be mainstream ever simply for the fact that those juicy hops are expensive and hard to get and the shelf life for packaging makes it prohibitive for big brewers.  This is an out the door weekend release type of beer and I haven't seen anything to indicate that the train is slowing down or that it's a bell curve.