Episode 59 - Yeast Mysteries with Sui Generis

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In our ongoing efforts to try and learn everything - and fail miserably - we revisit Denny's question from Episode 58 about dried lager strains labelled like ale strains. After much listener input, Drew sits down with Bryan Heit of Sui Generis Brewing to get the current scientific picture on yeast genetics. It turns out science makes for really complicated answers! Plus, we talk retirement, rough times for craft brewers, charity and how lasers are making better beer before digging into your questions. Finally, we close out with Denny's favorite new cooking show!

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Episode Contents:

00:00:00 Opening & Our Sponsors

00:03:13 Announcements & Feedback

00:11:40 The Pub

00:28:04 The Library - Lasers

00:33:27 The Brewery - Sierra Nevada

00:38:53 The Lounge - Yeast Mysteries with Sui Generis

01:19:30 Q&A

01:34:02 Quick Tip - Big Beer Efficiency

01:35:14 Something Other Than Beer

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