Old School Triple IPA

What started as a clone of Russian River's Pliny the Younger, turned into Craig's singular quest. If you've missed the PtY hype or want to capture it in a glass, start here! (Warning - Prepare to Buy All the Hops - and yes, the IBUs are theoretical)

Recipe Author: 

Craig Shapland

Beer Style: 

Triple IPA

Batch Size: 

11.00 gallons

Boil Time: 

90 minutes

Original Gravity: 


FInal Gravity: 





12.50% ABV


30 lbs Domestic 2-Row

2 lbs White Wheat

1 lb Maris Otter

1-2lbs Sugar (Cane - amount dependent on how much is needed to reach 1.100OG in the fermenter)


Mashing Instructions: 

Mash - 145°F for 60 minutes

Second Rest - 156°F for 20 minutes

Mash Out - 168°F for 20 minutes

(Flush the HERMs coil and vorlauf for the full 20 minutes of the mashout phase)

Sparge - fly sparge for 1 hour.


    1 oz Chinook   First Wort Hop
    1 oz Columbus  First Wort Hop

    25 ml CTZ Hop Extract   90 min
    1 oz Chinook    60 min
    1 oz Columbus 60 min

    2 oz Simcoe     30 min

WHIRLPOOL (chill wort to 170°F)
    2 oz Amarillo
    2 oz Centennial
    1 oz Chinook
    1 oz Simcoe (Cryo)
    1 oz Warrior

DRY HOP 1 (end of ferment - hold for 10 days)
    2 oz Amarillo
    2 oz Centennial
    2 oz Columbus
    1 oz Simcoe (Cryo)
    2 oz Warrior

DRY HOP 2 (3 days after Dry Hop 1 - hold for 7 more days)
    1 oz Amarillo
    1 oz Centennial
    1 oz Chinook
    1 oz Columbus
    1 oz Simcoe (Cryo)
    1 oz Warrior

Extra Ingredients: 

1 packet of BSG Amylo 300 (or White Labs Ultra-Ferm or equivalent Amalyze addition) - added to mash


WLP001/ Wyeast 1056 / WLP090 San Diego Super (1 gallon starter / yeast cake from prior batch / yeast slug from a local brewery)

Special Instructions / Notes: 

Dissolve the hop extract in strong alcohol (everclear, grain, etc - the stronger the better) in a heat proof container. Add the slurry to the boil as indicated and use the wort to rinse out any straggling extract.

Add oxygen just prior to pitching. Craig uses inline oxygenation.

Ferment cool at 65°F to start.

After fermenting for 5 days, add the cane sugar to the fermenter.

Water Treatment: 

Carbon filtered municipal water

Phosphoric Acid 
    Mash:     1.62 teaspoons 
    Sparge:    1.15 teaspoons 
    Mash:    1 teaspoon
    Boil:    1 teaspoon