Brewing Again!

My job has a very unstructured schedule. Sometimes it’s a day of work here and there, sometimes it’s 2 weeks straight followed by a week or 2 off. I’m heading into a 10 day stretch of no work and looking forward to getting my brew on for the first time in a while! I’m planning on getting in at least 2 batches of relatively low alcohol, but (hopefully) flavorful beers. Both will be experiments because I haven’t brewed either recipe before. One will be a low alcohol Belgian style beer, made with W3787 Westmalle yeast and some beautiful Hallertauer pellets I picked up. The other with be a 4-4.5% APA. Very hoppy, all late hop additions, mashed at a fairly high temp for some body and malt flavor. Some people would call this a “session IPA”, but I hate that description as much as I hate the words “imperial mild”! It’s a hoppy APA, dammit! I’ll be using some of the techniques described in the Recipe Formulation chapter of the book to come up with the recipes for these. Yeah, I know you haven’t read that chapter…..