2015 AHA Conference Talk Slides/Audio Now Available!

The AHA is definitely speeding up their turnaround times! Just a few weeks ago we were all chilling in San Diego – now we’re able to catch up on the things we missed! All of the seminars and speeches are recorded by the AHA and offered as a member perk. That’s right, you have to be a member to access all the talks, but look, why aren’t you?

And.. they also offer the National Homebrewer’s Conference every year with an embarassing wealth of information. Since 2012, they’ve recorded most of the talks and grabbed the slide decks from everyone. So, now, for your measly $43 per year, you can have access to all that great stuff and help support homebrewing across the nation! Join dangnabit! Now if you’d like to catch up with Denny and I – there are the links below. What else can you read/listen to? How about Randy Mosher giving a talk on how what you know about Beer History is Wrong (slides)? Mitch Steele on the wonderful world of IPA (slides)! Vinnie Cilurzo talking Brewing with Experimental Hops (slides). Gordon Strong on Modern Homebrew Recipes (slides). Mike Tonsmiere and company on Brewing with Coffee (slides)? Lots of knowledge, right there for the taking! The Seminars Page Introduction to Experimentation (aka our talk) (audio) (slides)