Episode 1 – Of Triangles and Pumpkins

Holy Schnikes Batman – it's the first ever episode of Experimental Brewing with Denny and Drew. In this episode, you'll hear Drew actually be right (according to Denny) about the recent spate of craft beer mergers, the absolutely fundamental bedrock technique of triangle testing, Guinness, statistics and math (wait did that survive the edit? if not, expect an article – cause Drew loves the story!) and lastly, Drew tries to convince us that Pumpkin isn't a terrible waste of time, even if it usually is! (See Recipe below mentioned in the episode.) Interested in helping Denny and Drew with the IGOR program (aka help us run experiments!) – contact them at igor@experimentalbrew.com. We want more Citizen Science! Many thanks to our sponsors for this fine show – Craft Meister – Makers of Akaline Brewery Wash, BrewCraft USA – Top Quality Supplier to Top Homebrew Shops and Imperial Yeast – America's First Canned and Organic Yeast. Visit our sponsors and give them a shoutout! Pumpkin Saison Potiron Recipe For 6 gallons at 1.078, 18 IBUs, 13 SRM, 9.5%ABV Malt/Grain/Sugar 13.75 lbs Maris Otter Malt 1.0 lbs Dark English Brown Sugar 1 can (1.8lbs) Pumpkin Puree (dehydrate in the oven for extra oomph) 0.5 lbs Biscuit Malt 0.38 lbs Crystal 75L (Bairds) 0.38 lbs German Wheat Malt Mash at 152F for 50 minutes Hops 1.0 oz Styrian Goldings 5.4%AA for 60 minutes 0.5 oz Czech Saaz 3.0%AA for 20 minutes Yeast WLP 565 Belgian Saison I Pitch cold – 63-65F, let rise – no spices! In the meanwhile, subscribe via your favorite podcasting service (iTunes, etc). Like our podcast, review it – talk it up! If you have comments, feedbacks, harassments, etc, feel free to drop us a line at podcast@experimentalbrew.com. Follow us on Facebook (ExperimentalHomebrewing) or Twitter (@ExpBrewing). If you have questions you'd like answered in our Q&A segment, send an email to questions@experimentalbrew.com! Podcast RSS Url: http://www.experimentalbrew.com/podcast.rss