Episode 2 – The Rise of the Robots

In Episode 2 – Denny and Drew talk about the rise of the brewing robots and what they mean for us homebrewers. Are our “jobs” about to be farmed out to a microchip that can make better beer than we can before we've have our morning coffee? Is it really still brewing if a computer is doing all the watching? Also, what does it mean to be Craft Beer?
Table of Contents:
00:00:00 – Our sponsors
00:01:16 – Theme and Intro!
00:02:30 – Our Sponsorship Pledge and Patreon
00:05:00 – The Beer Life (from the Experimental Brewing Pub)
00:05:55 – The IGOR Program
00:07:40 – Everything is Craft Beer
00:18:00 – The Rise of the Robots
00:33:35 – Q&A with Denny & Drew
00:44:20 – Quick Tip of the Week (with a bonus quick tip as well!)
00:48:55 – Other Things We Recommend
00:50:50 – Our Question of the Week – Are automated brewing gadgets really brewing? – let us know at questions@experimentalbrew.com
00:51:20 – The Wrapup
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