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Friday Fun Ingredient - Tea!

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Today's fun ingredient - Tea! The last time I brewed with tea was for the San Diego NHC in 2011. As part of the giant fleet of saisons that I made for the conference, I made the Jasmine Dragon Saison. It used one of my favorite teas - jasmine infused pearl green tea. Now this isn't the same stuff I used in the Dragon, but a very similar tea made it's way about 2oz (weight) of tea to a cup of vodka. That soaked and was shook for a business week and then strained.

Fun Friday - Ingredient Exploration

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Alright, my fellow IGORs and followers of the blog, yesterday's post on PB2 and its uses received good traction both here and on Facebook, so I'm now going to turn the floor over to you.

What crazy things have you used in your brews? What's your favorite way to add a twist to the brew day?

There's a ton of things like: coffee, chocolate, fruit, liquor, oak, spice! Share!

True Confessions

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A few years back in Zymurgy (March/April 2011, to be precise - go, go handy Zymurgy Index), I wrote about making your brewery organized and neat and welcoming of brewery activities. (Got a lot of "Man, my wife just saw this and I have to clean up the brewery now. Thanks!" emails for that one.) Well, it's time for true confessions time - my brewery is a disaster area right now. You know how it goes. Stuff accumulates.

We Need I.G.O.R.s

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One of the things that Denny and I have been talking about behind y'alls back is some of the elements of the book. Listening to you kind folks it's definitely clear that we need some help with researching and experimenting to handle some of your thoughts. So here's our announcment - we're in need of some good I.G.O.R.s. The dots mean that it's an acronym! (Let's face it there's a shockingly large percentage of homebrewers who seem addicted to funny bacronyms. I'm looking at all the Q.U.A.F.F.s, M.A.L.T.S., S.A.A.Z, S.O.D.S., C.A.R.B.O.Y. of the brewing world.

We've Been Remiss!

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I feel like we've been remiss here. We totally forgot to mention that homebrewing will finally be legal in all 50 states! It's taken a few years, but once Mississippi's law goes into effect in July, you can no longer consider yourself a wanton criminal in these here states. So congratulations to Mississippi (signed in March) and Alabama (signed last week) and to the fleet of homebrewers who've worked for multiple years to finally get the hobby fully legalized.

Southern California Homebrewer's Festival

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This year's edition of the Southern California Homebrewer's Festival featured 39 home brew clubs and a massive ton of beer. I saw everything I think you can make there from American Light Lagers to rip roaring super stupefying meads. Had some great beers like a brilliant Watermelon Sour where you could taste the rind. I never could find it again, so if you know who was pouring a watermelon sour beer at the SCHF, please let me know! ([email protected]).

SCHF Bound and Time to Find Wacky Ideas

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Hey everyone, so I'm sitting here I just packed up for tomorrow's Southern California Homebrew Festival at beautiful Lake Casitas, CA near Ojai. 1800 homebrew enthusiasts will gather around the lake looking to sample beers from nearly 30 different clubs. Each club has it's own little booth and lots of fun pouring strange things. If you think I'm not researching like a mad man at this fest, you don't know me so well!


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