Brew Files - 99 - Whirling A Tilt

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The Brew is Out There!  

Are you obsessed with your beer's numbers? If so, the folks at Tilt have you covered. Drew sits down with Noah Neibaron, CEO and co-creator of the Tilt, to talk the hows, the whys and the wherefores of the hydrometer and whether or not you need one in your brewery. 


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I Love My Tilt!

Drew, Denny,

Thanks for the interview on Tilt.  It was very interesting, I learned a bit more about it, and it was a fun listen, while I washed my MINI.

The Tilt is a great tool, the best money I spent on brewing in a decade.  The way I use it, it shows the approx. lag time, the trend of the fermentation and when it's done fermenting.  If I want to add hops or gelatin at a certain point, I can tell when I've reached that point.  It gives me a good temperature reading, actually in the beer. 

I found it's not really accurate in S.G., I think due to Krausen that sticks onto it, so I devised a correction sceme.  When it shows the S.G. has leveled off, I take a sample and use my hydrometer to get the F.G.  I don't see how I can attach my Excel spread sheet, so I'll email you a copy, so you can see what I do. 

It's a great tool, thanks for featuring it.


Dave King, BIER

Didn't work in my fermenter

I got a Tilt, but discovered that there's a problem with using it in combination with a SS fermenter that has an internal cooling coil. With the coil in place, there really isn't much room for the Tilt to just lie undisturbed. One end of the Tilt is pretty much always touching and/or jacked up on a section of coil. The result is that my readings are all over the place, even after I lightly shake the fermenter. I've gone back to taking samples in order to test my gravity, at least for this fermenter. Anyone else have a similar story?

But then again…

I just made a Hefeweizen in my PET fermenter and the Tilt worked amazingly!  It was incredibly consistent and accurate without a chilling coil to bump into.  Unfortunately, it accurately charted my extremely brisk fermentation as it blew out my airlock, came down to my expected FG of 1.015 (from an OG of 1.053) in one day, and then kept dropping over the next week to an incredibly dry 1.007.  I'm going to have to figure out what went wrong!