Brew Files - Episode 29 - It's 6 O'Clock Somewhere

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The Brew is Out There! 

Last year, Peter Symons led us all through a discussion of early Australian brewing practices and he promised he had more up his sleeve. Get ready to look up his sleeve and we explore the unique Australian take on Prohibition and how the Australian brewing industry modernized in his new book 6 O'Clock Brews


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Audio quality

Hi Drew,

When I listen to the pobcast on Google Play, and on your website, Peter's voice sounds very muffled.  It is very difficult, and sometimes impossible to understand him.  Any chance it might get cleaned up / or a transcript could become available?  Like you I am a fan of history but decided to go with an education in science, so I was looking forward to listening to this episode.  

Cheers, and thanks for the great podcast!


I whole hartedly agree. I

I whole hartedly agree. I couldnt understand him so I unfortunately gave up after 10 minutes. 


Waaa waaa hmph

Wow! The parents of Charlie Brown are brewing beer and Drew interviewed them!