Brew Files - Episode 4 - The Mighty Oat

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The Brew Is Out There!


On this week's episode of the Brew Files, Drew and Denny talk one of Drew's favorite ingredients - oats, their origin, their use, their forms, pitfalls, styles and one of Drew's beloved recipes for Drew's beloved pup - Cookie.

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Thomas Fawcett Oat Malt:

Simpson's Golden Naked Oats:

The Original Cookie Celebration Ale:

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A minor correction: glucans are carbohydrates, not proteins.  Starch is one type of glucan.  Beta-glucans is what makes oatmeal gooey.


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Knew I was going to mess

Knew I was going to mess something up. 

My thanks

Great show.  Appreciate the education.

The Hasty Turtle Brewery

Missing Recipe?

Hey, Guys,  Wonderful oatly information.  I was hoping to print the Oatmeal Cookie Stout recipe  but there is no recipe when I click the link. I did make a 1 gallon batch a couple days ago based on the notes I my car at red lights....from the podcast but I was missing a few details.  Thanks. 


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Odd, I'll look and see what's

Odd, I'll look and see what's happening. MEanwhile - here's the base recipe as well