Brew Files - Episode 96 - Peter's Table Saison

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The Brew is Out There!  

Can you believe it's been nearly a 100 episodes and we've never talked about Saison? Time to fix that by talking to Peter Howson about his award winning Petite Saison.


The Recipe:

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A year later …

Hi, Peter here.

I am still brewing this beer regularly. I did want to correct one thing from the original interview. The head brewer where I work recently discovered that I was interviewed and pointed out that the mash is not a BIAB style mash. He contends that I am using a step infusion mash in which I happen to use enough water to raise the temp so that my final preboil volume does nto require a sparge. 

That was driven home for me recently when I upgraded my hot liquor tank with a sous vide that keeps the water at 95ºC. I used to boil 6 gallons of water and dump it in a cooler where it would sit until it was time to bump up the temp. The new setup gets me from the first rest at 53ºC to the sachs rest at 65ºC with a much smaller volume of water so I now have to sparge to get to the final volume of around 7 gallons preboil. Interestingly, I still end up with the exact same 1.047 OG.

Anyway, just thought I would add that one data point. I am planning to try the next batch with wind malt from Mecca and go to the illogical extreme of a step mash to compensate for the under modified grain. Wish me luck.