Bruxa Catharina Sour Guava

A Brazilian swing on the Berliner Weiss, but with more oomph and a decided Tropical flair

Recipe Author: 

Ronaldo Ferreira

Beer Style: 

Catharina Sour

Batch Size: 

6.50 gallons

Boil Time: 

60 minutes

Original Gravity: 


FInal Gravity: 





5.5 lbs Pilsner

5.5 lbs Wheat

0.25 lbs Oats

Mashing Instructions: 

Mash in at 113°F and then raise to 145°F and let rest for 60 minutes

Raise to 169°F for mashout



5 IBUs Polaris

Extra Ingredients: 

0.75 lbs Guava puree.


Lactobacillus P. or others including probiotic blends.
US-05/Wyeast 1056/WLP001

Special Instructions / Notes: 

After the lauter, bring to brief boil.

Cool to 96-100°F

Add lactic acid to acidify wort to a pH of 4.5

Pitch the lactobacillus cultures and cover the kettle with plastic wrap.

Allow to sit at temperature for 12-24 hours or until the pH hits 3.2-3.4

Return the beer to the boil, add hops, and chill.

Pitch regular clean yeast and go.

Add fruit to fermenter post fermentation and sit for 1 week before crashing and leaving behind your remaining solids.

Carbonate briskly and serve.