No big surprise, but a fair amount of Experimental Brewing will be about playing with your beer and that means playing with ingredients. So, what can we use? Inspired by my neighbors in BEAVR and their Chocolate Covered BEAVR Nutz recipe (a chocolate peanut butter stout). I went and bought some PB2 Powder. This is basically mostly defatted peanut butter powder. It’s designed to be used by people wanting peanut butter flavor without peanut butter calories. Now the question is: what to make with it and how to use it? Here are some of my thoughts if I want to avoid the whole “dark beer” idea. Hrm?

  • PB Hefeweizen (particularly with a nice banany ferment) – Basically – The Almost Elvis
  • Bacon PB Hefe – aka the Full Elvis!
  • PB Dunkelweizen with something fruit in the mix for a PB Jelly.
  • Georgia Farmhouse with PB and Peach

What about you? If you were to play with PB2, what would you make? And just because.. hey it’s Facebook and lots of comments: PB2 Post on Facebook