Sanitizing mushrooms – NOT!

I just got done writing up the recipe for my Wee Shroomy for the book. Basically a wee heavy with chanterelle mushrooms added to it. After trying various methods of dealing with the mushrooms, the one definite thing I’ve decided is that I hate the “soak them in vodka and then add the vodka” method. It adds an undesirable heat to the beer. I simply chop and freeze the mushrooms before adding them. Many people, though, seem to be deathly afraid of not soaking additions in vodka, to the point of not even trying anything else. I’ve always found that the alcohol content and low pH of the beer post fermentation were all that was needed for fruit (or mushroom!) additions. So, what do you do? Do you sanitize additions? If so, what’s your method? Do you think you could make the leap of faith to not sanitize?