Episode 18 – Saison Under Pressure

Attention, attention… this episode is brought to you by an accidentally awesome quirk of fate. After we announced our experiment (Saison Yeast – Airlock vs. Open Ferment – Does it prevent “stall”) way back when, our itinerant “Science” co-host Marshall Schott let us know that his site, Brulosophy.com was running the same experiment!
We waited and coordinated our experimental results release. Marshall released his results earlier this week and now we get together and discuss our results plus his. There are a total of five experimental runs here and what do they say? Well, put yer earbuds in and listen! (And if you think this is the last time we're doing this.. ha, you don't know how all this works! Maybe we'll do it on purpose next time!)
From our time in the Casa Verde labs, we move back to Baltimore and spend some time with the Free State Homebrew Club Guild at HomeBrewCon's “Craft Beer Kickoff” Party. We had a heck of a time with the various club members and we hope you learn a thing or two! (Plus, hey – why do you homebrew?) So come along with as we talk to a raft of clubs and a beer “celeb” or two!
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Brulosophy's Saison Experiment – http://brulosophy.com/2016/07/04/the-impact-of-back-pressure-on-the-sais…
Drew's Saison Guide (aka the stupid thing that begun this) https://www.maltosefalcons.com/tech/guide-saisons-and-saison-yeasts
Experimental Brew Store – https://www.experimentalbrew.com/store
Episode Contents:
00:00:00 Our Sponsors
00:02:50 – The Show Intro
00:05:02 Correctional Department of Corrections – Drew's Bad with Names
00:08:18 Experimental Results: Saison Under Pressure
00:44:07 AHA HomeBrewCon Free State Homebrew Clubs
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