Where All This Began In a Photo

This is the magic secret photo – I’m not quite certain but I believe this index card is from around 2008. Back then I was working with fellow brewer, now turned Motor Trend star, Jonny Lieberman on a few beer concepts. I don’t remember the circumstances, but I sat down and wrote out a list of experiments that would be fun to explore to build up brew knowledge.

The card got filed away. Jonny became a car authority with a much more amusing life.

A few years later, Experimental Homebrewing  became a project and the first time that Denny and I worked together on something this massive. By that point, I had completely forgotten about this card. It was lost in a shuffle of papers in a cubby hole in my desk. About halfway through the project, in one of those fits of “cleaning and organizing is more fun than writing!”, I found the card and it was funny, because a number of these experiments were already written for Experimental Homebrewing! They must have stayed locked away in the recesses of my mind, fermenting and waiting for their debut.

Always fun to find artifacts of the the past!