Look Ma, I’m in the Library!

A few months back, I was contacted by Tiah Edmunson-Morton of Oregon State University and the Oregon Hops and Brewing Archives. In an interesting turn of events, they wanted to talk to me about Oregon, homebrewing and my part in the whole scene. They are even archiving all the work we’ve done and adding it to their collection which includes the pioneering and humbling work of Fred Eckhardt. Watch below to learn about me, Iowa, concert touring, how close I came to corrupting America’s youth as a teacher and, well, the whole brewing thing (as well as my partnership with Drew and where we differ)

After you’re done there, go listen to the other pieces that Tiah and company have collected – including some of our favorites like Dave Wills of Freshops, Lisa Morrison of Belmont Station (amongst other efforts) and see previous guests like our favorite lab guru, Dana of Oregon Brew Lab and Teri Fahrendorf. Seriously, go spend a few days on their interview page and learn a ton!