Episode 142 – It's Weiz To Sell Guyz

It's been a tough few years for homebrewers and competitions – we're talking with the Weiz Guyz Brewers out of Loveland, Colorado about their annual Sweetheart's Revenge and what makes it unique as well as the outstanding Colorado Strong program!
Episode Links:
Larry Bell Sells to Lion/Kirin: https://vinepair.com/articles/bells-brewery-sells-to-lion/
Larry's Letter to the Community: https://www.bellsbeer.com/news/letter-larry-bell-kalamazoo
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Jeff's take on Regional Differences in the US: https://www.beervanablog.com/beervana/2021/11/24/how-regions-differ-in-t…
Yeast Fermentation Under the Microscope: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SQWnWwZM1E
150 Years of Denny's Favorite Hop – Fuggles: https://zythophile.co.uk/2021/11/08/happy-fuggleversary-150-years-since-…
Pop Culture Brews Podcast: https://cms.megaphone.fm/channel/popculturebrews?selected=AOR8166749543
Weiz Guys Homebrew Club: https://weizguys.com/
Sweetheart's Revenge Competition: https://reggiebeer.com/ReggieEntry.php?CompetitionID=ZWVSHK1000660
Colorado Strong: https://coloradobeer.org/colorado-strong/
Chaise Longue by Wet Leg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zd9jeJk2UHQ
Valentine by Snail Mail: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxarOZ0JBcc
Project Freedom Ride: http://projectfreedomride.org/
Patreon Remember even a buck is good for charity: http://www.patreon.com/experimentalbrewing
Experimental Brew Store: https://www.experimentalbrew.com/store

Episode Contents:
00:00:00 Opening & Our Sponsors
00:02:07 Announcements & Feedback
00:05:42 The Pub
00:25:47 The Library
00:35:02 The Lounge – Weiz Guys
01:10:51 Quick Tip & Something Other
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