Brew Files - Episode 56 - Rose Wave

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The Brew is Out There!  

Last episode, everything was coming up gold. This week it's coming up pink as we explore what looks to be this year's hot trend - Rosé Beer. Drew sits down with pro-brewer/homebrewer Andy Ziskin about how he makes a Rosé beer that's dramatic, complex fruity, fun and not insipidly dull and sweet.


Pink Drink Recipe -

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After listening to this

After listening to this episode on the way home from work tonight, I was left with Drew's comment about Rose IPA when pulling into my driveway.  Then when turning on my home computer with Brewpublic on my local web browser, there was an ad for Thirsty Monk's BBR IPA Brett Brut Rose IPA on tap here in Portland.  If only it could have been a Hazy Pastry Brett Brut Rose IPA, then...


Looks like you guys are also in/or have been in Ashville.  Wonder if they have this beer at their home location?