Brew Files - Episode 61 - Hop Terpenes

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Have you ever wondered what the pure essence of a hop smells like? Well, sit back because Drew and Matt Humbard sit down to discuss how you pull every drop of smelly goodness from our favorite beer seasoning (and how you use it)


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It doesn't look or sound that

It doesn't look or sound that terribly complcated.  Would be cool to get a tutorial and equipment list together!


How would you adapt this to a regular still?


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Someone else I was talking

Someone else I was talking about this thought about adapting a gin infusion basket to hold the hops. Big problems, I think are keeping the hops directly out of the water and minimizing the amount of water that runs through with passing through the hops.

Interesting but what emulsifier to use

I have a Carter Head for a still.  The basket in it will hold a pound of hops so I wanted to try this.  My question is the emulsifier.  I know the guest is trying to commercialize this so I don't expect an exact answer.  But could someone point me to some research and reading materials on using emulsifiers to take the extract mixed with some water from the distillation with the emulsifier in it. 


Great Interview.

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Elmusifier - he said in the

Elmusifier - he said in the podcast it was a lecithin emulsifier, so maybe like a soy lecithin.