Brew Files - Episode 65 - American Nothingness

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The Brew is Out There!  

American Light Lager is by far and away, the most popular style of beer in America. No matter how much we gnash our teeth about it, it's the truth. It's also the truth that this little bit of "nothing" can be the hardest technical challenge a brewer can face. Are you up to it?


Jeff Renner's Your Father's Mustache:

Dougweiser, the Beer of Kings:

Drew Light:

Top 40 Gold Malt Liquor:


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American Lagers and achieving flavour "nothingness"

Thank you for this podcast, I thoroughly enjoyed it, particularly the historical information on how these styles came to be. 

One topic I didn't hear mentioned in the podcast is a technique the macro brewers use which is to brew the beer as a high strength (~8% ABV) lager and then dilute it with water at packaging to achieve the desired strength of the final product. Presumably, this is done to save fermentation tank space and maximize profits, but dilution also has a beneficial side effect in that it reduces strong flavours and keeps the beer very light, refreshing, and true to style.  As a homebrewer, I have used this technique and can attest that it works very well. Shameless plug, I posted a description of my dilution process on my blog ( for those who may be interested in trying this technique out at home. 


- AC