Springtime in Amarillo

A bright, brisk and hoppy Saison popping with a ton of grapefruit character from the Amarillo. Really just a hell of a beer to have on draft and keep drinking

Beer Style: 


Batch Size: 

5.50 gallons

Boil Time: 

60 minutes

Original Gravity: 


FInal Gravity: 







8.0 lbs Pilsner malt

3.0 lbs German Wheat Malt

0.5 lbs Aromatic Malt

0.5 lbs Sugar

Mashing Instructions: 

Mash at 150-152F for 60 minutes


1.0 oz Amarillo 9.4%AA for 60 minutes

0.6 oz Amarillo 9.4%AA for 20 minutes

0.8 oz Amarillo 9.4%AA for 0 minutes


Wyeast 3711 French Saison

Final Gravity?

I plan to make this beer soon, wondering about the FG. I have ALWAYS gotten 1.00 from 3711. How the heck do you have it leave some sugars?

Anyways I will make it soon, maybe it's all the wheat. Never used that much wheat with 3711. 

Thanks for the recipe. Sounds wonderful. 

drew's picture
I think the wheat definitely

I think the wheat definitely helps. I also don't tend to push 3711 very warm so I think that slows it's roll as well.

Please let me know if you enjoy it! It's a great beer!

Steve O
Boil time

Drew, I see a 60 minute boil for this saison. How do you feel about a 90 minute boil to drive off dms?  I've always followed that rule when a recipe calls for a good amount of pilsner malt. What is your thought?  Is it worth it?  Thanks, Cheers. 

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I go back and forth. Marshall

I go back and forth. Marshall and crew seem to believe it's just not a problem at our level, but if it's what makes you comfortable, you should!

Steve O
I just tapped this brew. I

I just tapped this brew. I used the 60 minute boil and seems fine. This is a very refreshing and drinkable beer.  glad I brewed it and thanks for the recipe. 

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Awesome! Glad it made good

Awesome! Glad it made good beer! :)

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Lower O.G.

My attempt started out at 1.042 if I go down to 1.008 that will give me lower A.B.V., but I hope still drinkable, enjoyable beer.  Have to let you know how it turns out



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Please do! I suspect it will

Please do! I suspect it will still be delicious!

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Secondary Fermentation question

Hi Drew,

Do I transfer this to a secondary for a while or just go to a bottling bucket and bottle from there?  My research is telling me Saison's don't benift from time in a secondary.


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I tend to just settle in

I tend to just settle in primary and then go straight into keg/bottle

Grant501's picture
My attempt

I wish I could show you what this looked like at bottling.  You can really smell and taste the grapefruit character!


Hey Drew,

I'm currently brewing the Springtime in Amarillo saison. I've been brewing for slightly over 10 years, and this is the first time using a saison yeast strain. I've listened to your podcasts about saison strains and it got me interested.

When you say you tend to run this strain on the cooler-side, what does that mean (from a typical ale reference)? Mid-70's?

Should I go about fermenting about mid to upper 60's for the first couple days and finish in the mid 70's?

Thanks from a saison newbie,


drew's picture
For 3711, that should be fine

For 3711, that should be fine. It's a strain that doesn't really benefit from a ton of extra heat, I think

Accidentally lagered my springtime in Amarillo

Drew, fantastic recipe!   This has restored my faith in wyeast, this yeast is really complex!  I can't say I've ever had a better Saison outside of Brussels perhaps.  This is my first Belgian beer, and now I have the confidence to attempt an Abbey style strong ale!

One poorly controlled experiment: I reaggravated my herniated disc while this was fermenting, right after I cold crashed....ended up holding it on the trub for 4 weeks at 33 set after 2 weeks of fermentation.  I only had foil on it, and was worried about oxidation.  My back finally got well enough that after installation of a pulley system, was able to get the carboy out of my chamber,  keg and carbonate.  I have no reference to compare, but really no signs of oxidation, this beer is drinking great after 8 days in the keg.  


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Nicely done and glad that

Nicely done and glad that your beer survived your back!

MAn, I gotta go back and make this beer again. :)

My first saison

Does the Wyeast 3724 Belgian strain work well for the Springtime in Am recipe?  I love everything you guys do. Thank you!!!!

God invented home brewing to keep the truly gifted from ruling the world.

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It will - the Amarillo won't

It will - the Amarillo won't pop as hard, but it will be more complex and spicy

Fermenting with 3711

Hey Drew, just brewed this last weekend. After a few days of tropical fruit smells coming from the airlock, I'm now experiencing some funky smells. This is my first time using this strain or any saison strain for that matter. Is this typical of 3711 or should I be worried of possible infection? Thanks

Too sweet?

I brewed this last month. The FG was 1.003, but it tastes really sweet to me. I bottle condition, and the bottles sat in my 80F garage for a week and then in my 65F basement for three more. So it's not still green.

From your description I expected it to be dry, but it's almost cloyingly sweet. Any idea what I did wrong?


Follow up: it's very weird,

Follow up: it's very weird, but after another month this beer lost the excessive sweet taste and became nicely balanced. I have no idea why. But in the end it was one of the best beers I've brewed. I'm re-brewing it next week, we'll see how it goes!


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Amarillo Down Under

Thought you guys might get a laugh out of this.

This label is a naive Australian concept of what Amarillo is like. I knew only that the beer was named after Amarillo, that Amarillo was in Texas, and that Texas is somewhere near Mexico. And so I let fly!

Of course after doing a little reading I realise that a yellow flower, and balloon, a bomb, or even an upended Caddy might be more appropriate for the central image. But hey, it was only ever meant to be a bit of fun.

This is a great recipe. We toned it down a little for our summer, and it's super drinkable.


Springtime in Amarillo

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