Brew Files - Episode 9 - Hello Mother, Hello Father

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On this week's episode of the Brew Files, it's time to pour one out for the parents in the brew world. Drew sits down with Tiffany Ashrafi, a Los Angeles area homebrewer, beer fanatic and mom-to-be, about her unique spin on making a beer for mom. With Mom covered, Denny and Drew sit down to talk about a beer for dad to have when tots are all grown up

Episode Timeline:

00:01:58 - Tiffany Ashrafi's Boobie Beer

00:17:58 - Drew's Mortgage Killer

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Boobir Beer:

Mortage Killer:

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Berliner Weisse?

Feeling inspired after hearing the Mother's beer conversation and the first thing I think of is a kettle sour. What do you (or anyone really) think of trying to do a Berliner Weisse inspired Mommy beer with apricots and some of the herbs that are commonly found in lactation cookies? I was thinking the style lends itself welll to being <3% abv. I am not all that familiar with kettle sours or Berliner Weisse, but I imagine flaked oats could add an interesting mouthfeel as well as help with the overall intent. Thoughts? Watch-outs? Adds?