Brew Files – 145 – Ancient Brewing

The Brew Is Out There!

We’re going way back in time with Dr. Travis Rupp, the Beer Archaeologist. We’re tackling the question of “what is beer”, “what has it been over the course of human history”, and “what does it mean for us as brewers today?” Also, why did the Romans steal everything, including the Greek disdain for beer?

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Brew Files – 143 – Common Brewing Disasters

The Brew Is Out There!

Disasters. Accidents. Incidents. Call them what you will, but a moment’s missed attention in the brewery can cause bad things to happen. In this episode, Denny and Drew cover some of the more common things that can happen and importantly, how to keep them from happening again!.

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Brew Files – 142 – Vinnie the Elder

The Brew Is Out There!

Vinnie Cilurzo has never forgotten his roots as a homebrewer and freely shares his knowledge with the crowd. We’re dropping you into the chaos of the 3rd Anniversary Happy Hour of the Maltose Falcons with Russian River as Drew, Vinnie and a cast of others, taste the classic Pliny the Elder and discuss what’s changed and why it works so well.

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Episode 175 – REPLAY – Awesome Club of Saison

Homebrew clubs are awesome and we can prove it! Entering it’s 6th year, the American Homebrewer’s Association’s Radegast Club of the Year Award seeks to recognize the crazy amazing things they do. We talk with the AHA’s Matt Bollng about the award and how your club can win! And we dig into a bunch of Saison info as well as the beer news and brewing fun! Continue reading

Episode 172 – REPLAY – pH With Martin

The subject of water and most importantly, pH can be utterly confounding. Buffering capacity, acids, salt concentrations, “measurements expressed as” and temperature add to a mix of questions that baffle even experienced brewers. We sit down with Martin Brungard to work through common questions we see online to see if we can get answers!

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Episode Contents:
00:00:00 Opening & Our Sponsors
00:01:57 Announcements & Feedback
00:7:25 The Pub
00:24:27 The Brewery
00:35:26 The Lounge with Martin
01:12:38 Q&A, Quick Tip & Something Other

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Episode 171 – And With the Support of Brewers Like You…

David James won the Annual Cascade Brewers Society competition in support of public radio (KLCC) with his multi award winning Czech Amber Lager. After we sift through a bunch of your Q&A feedback, we sit down and talk with him about what make his beer sing! You can ask him questions via his Instagram (@studentsbrewing)
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Brew Files – 138 – Masa’s Guavaaahhh!


The Brew Is Out There!

The annual Doug King Memorial Competition celebrating Doug’s craziness has a new winner – Masa Kitano of the Socal Cerveceros with his Guavaaahhh Gose. Drew talks with Masa about how he got into homebrewing, what inspired this fruit filled Gose and his experiments with Wet Hop IPAs for good measure!

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