"Am I Even Kölsch" Radiant Brewing / Topa Topa

A beer that's too weird to live, too rare to die - a never before seen Dark Kölsch with a flurry of furious double dry hops

Abbot's Vacation Tripel

A solid tripel needs no fancy elements to transport you away from the dreary abbey walls to the some place decidedly more heavenly

Albany Ale Recreation

In Episode 24 of the Brew Files, we talked with Craig Gravina of the about the forgotten style - here's one of his recreations of a weaker 1840's version.

American Mild v8

Denny's newest spin around the block on his concept of an Americanized mild - aka building enough hop character to be distinctly American without blowing out the wonderful drinking properties of a mild!

Amy's Raspberry Witbier

A tart, refreshing and interesting beer that showcases Raspberry puree for something fun in the summer

Barb's Hef

Nick's award winning - no really - AHA NHC Overall Winner -

Basic American Double IPA

Call it whatever you will, just don't call it fat - this is the biggest of the initial IBU test series. Big, bold and bracing.

Basic American IPA

This is the stepped up cousin to our American Pale Ale. More hops and a touch more gravity.

Basic American Pale Ale

This is a straightforward, no nonsense, classical American Pale Ale. It's whole purpose provide you a pop of American hop character with just enough malt to keep you going

Bit-O-Sunny Modern West Coast IPA

A clean new take on the West Coast IPA. Tropical and bitter, but not overwhelming

Boobie Beer

Tiffany Ashrafi's "Mother's" beer, designed to taste like porter and cookies and help nursing moms with the whole nursing thing.

Bourbon Vanilla Imperial Porter

The one, the only world "famous" Bourbon Vanilla Imperial Porter. Born for Christmas - well loved any time!

Bruxa Catharina Sour Guava

A Brazilian swing on the Berliner Weiss, but with more oomph and a decided Tropical flair

Cape Point New South African IPA

A Hazy IPA that uses some interesting South African hops with different flavors


A dark mild full of flavor, but not the alcohol. This is about the biggest sort of "modern" mild I've made. Just a touch roasty, but full of malt and toffee flavors.

Challenge Beer - Beet Saison

Our first recipe challenge tackled is this suggestion from Eric Pierce, combining Saisons and Beets! Get your vegetables while getting your grains!

Challenge Beer - Hoppy Rye Lager

Our first recipe challenge tackled is this suggestion from Aaron Kennison who asked for a Hoppy Rye Lager beer - why not see what Denny can do?

Cherrywood Smoked Mild

A riff on Drew's CDJK dark mild with a seasoned kick of cherrywood smoked malt from Briess to give it a whole different thing

Chuck Macaluso - Maui Nights

A Tropical Stout as rich and warm as the island of Maui - think a bigger version of a milk/cream stout as discussed on Episode 31 of the show!

Citra Saison

A fantastic blending of Belgian Saison characters with the punchy fruitiness of Citra

Chuck Macaluso - Crazy Ivan Russian Imperial Stout

Big complex kitchen sink Russian Imperial Stout flavored with licorice, galaxy hops and cacao as discussed on Episode 31 of the show!

Crue Crumbs

A giant roasted pecan, cinnamon, vanilla infused imperial stout

Denny's Alt #1

This is Denny's very first Alt beer recipe!

Denny's Old Stoner Barleywine

This is Denny's classic Barleywine recipe - packs a wallop and makes you feel a little stoned

Denny's Original Alt

All grain altbier - 2.5 gal.

Double Bubble Dubbel

A straightforward dubbel recipe perfect for sipping year round - but particularly fall!

Double Secret Probation Sticke Alt

A bigger, stronger and slightly more lethal and yet so delicious version of an Altbier. Perfect for late fall

Drew Light

The lightest and hardest beer you can make that should satisfy that guy in your life.

Drew's 45th IPA

A fun experiment for Drew's 45th birthday - an IPA full of 45's and 74's because why not

Drew's Festbier

Drew's take on the modern Festbier for a clean party beer to share with a few hundred thousand of your closest friends!

Drew's Marzen

A classic amber lager, designed to be brew in March and served in October. Ok, you don't need to wait that long to enjoy a toasty malt forward lager

Experimental Pale Ale

A simple modern American Pale Ale useful for hop testing

Experimental Wheat

A simple clean wheat beer that provides a good base for flavor exploration

Falconsclaws 2016

Inspired by the tradition of Samichlaus, this is the biggest, baddest, boldest lager around. Brewed and aged for 1 year before service and really shines at about 3-5 years.

Festivus Feats of Strength

A big, chewy, dessert of a Russian Imperial Stout infused with chocolate and vanilla with just enough chile pepper to prevent it from being cloying.

Graciany's Triple IPA

A big, yet dry and brilliantly hoppy Triple IPA from Florida!

Hobo Devil

When you need a Devil in your glass - make it a Hobo!

I Dream of Jenny Cream Ale

The very definition of a crushable beer that will leave you feeling like a respectable beer drinker the next day. It's seriously a great damn American classic

If 6 Was 9 Hazy IPA

A Juicy Citra Bomb of an IPA

Israel Bissell (IB) NE IPA

New Fangled New England IPA. This recipe is an amalgamation of a few recipes out on the internet - particularly Ed Coffey's HopHands Clone and Jason Faylor's NE IPA that he kindly sent us for tasting. Who's Israel Bissell? He's my ancestor who legendarily rode from Watertown MA to Philadelphia warning of the British attack. In other words - he's the guy who made Paul Revere look like a piker!

Jack's Abby Braü Lager

A clean, crisp exploration of Hops in Lager form

Jay's Duplex Lager

This is Jay's "two flavored" lager that he throws together in no time!

Jim's Whirlpool Pale

This is a clean basic American Pale Ale that we're putting together to test American hopping impacts. Inspired by Klickitat Jim's visiting of hop whirlpool temps

Kiley's Base Session Mead

The perfect base mead for your sessionable mead needs

Kyle Dry Stout

Classic style Irish Dry Stout - for all your feasting days and time spent at the pub

Le Crécerelle(The Kestrel) Petite Saison

Peter's Petite Saison that has a rye spiciness and perfect body for a smaller saison

Lemongrass Basil Sriracha Wheat

This recipe has been through multiple evolutions as it journeyed along the path of inspiration from a bowl of Pho and Thai cuisine.

Len's Light Lager

Named for the previous owner of Caleb's house that helped get the family settled in. This light lager has nowhere to hide flaws in your brewing technique.

Loral Canyon Saison

A twist on Drew's classic Saison using YCHops new product "American Noble". These are the left overs from the Cryo hop process and promise American hop characters, but in a more subtle, muted fashion. Naturally, that intrigues me! So I took the peppery, citrusy Loral "American Noble" and used it in a batch of Saison. Works like a charm! (Thanks to YCH for sponsoring the podcast and providing the debittered leaf/American nobles for this brew)

Magnum Blonde - No Aroma Variant

A simple clean, blonde ale designed to be both drinkable and aromatically bland enough for yeast experimentation.

MandoPop Saison

Bright and citrusy Belgian Saison - easy to drink and delicious enough to win in Oregon

Marshall Nose IPA

Named for his loyal brewdog that oversaw his brewing career from start till now, this recipe won second in the 2017 AHA National Homebrew Competition

Milo's Alt

Named in honor of his grand old cat, this is Denny's award winning American version of an Alt - a slightly softer take on the style

Mortgage Killer Barleywine

For those times when you just need a beer to ago for, well, ever.

Old School Triple IPA

What started as a clone of Russian River's Pliny the Younger, turned into Craig's singular quest. If you've missed the PtY hype or want to capture it in a glass, start here! (Warning - Prepare to Buy All the Hops - and yes, the IBUs are theoretical)

Old Stoner Barleywine #10

Denny's classic, huge barleywine with that American hop flair. A throwback to all those early craft barley wines with the descriptive nomen "Old"

Oregon "Brewing Woman" Grew-it

Kiley's Best of Show winner for the Mecca Grade Brewing Man Competition. A wit based no hop beer for your summer sipping pleasure

Over Seas Stout

A hearty, rich and chewy stout that sits between the austerity of an Irish Dry Stout and the full tilt of a Russian Imperial Stout

Pale Oat Mild

A silky smooth and toasty malt forward mild with toffee notes and that richness of oats without a ton of hop character. Yes, if you overloaded the hopping this thing would be a light weight NE Session IPA.

Pink Drink

Andy's scarily drinkable pink/purple Belgian Golden Strong flavored/colored with hibiscus and dried fruits

Pono Brewing Pineapple Express Kolsch

A homebrew version of Pono Brewing's Pineapple infused Kolsch

Ralph Rice's Mecca Alt

A rich, chewy biscuity and yet still pleasantly hoppy altbier from listener Ralph Rice

Royal Docks +44 Mild Brown

This "Mild Brown" recipe is from Dave Sutula (head brewer at Royal Docks Brewing in Ohio). It's larger than your bog standard "traditional" mild, but still fits the bill as a tasty sessionable ale

Saison Experimentale

A pale dry Saison perfect for playing around with your yeasts! I also use this as a basis for a number of my Saisons and usually have a variant or two laying around.

Simple Helles

A simple helles for those days when you wanted something easy to drink and test people's palates with. (and not have it be dull as dishwater)

Simplified Amber

Based on Denny's Waldo Lake Amber, this is a simplified Amber perfect for testing

Singular Quad

For years when homebrewers would try and recreate the magic of a beer like Westy 12, the recipes were complicated. How about simplicity instead?

Six Demon Bag IPA

Nico's spin on the classic West Coast IPA (although with a twist)

Springtime in Amarillo

A bright, brisk and hoppy Saison popping with a ton of grapefruit character from the Amarillo. Really just a hell of a beer to have on draft and keep drinking

Sunsphere IPA

The first place winner in the 2017 AHA National Homebrew Competition in American IPA. Chase's IPA is a bit of a hybrid with a look back at the West Coast with some "new" New England flair. This is a little different than the version discussed on the show because it's his newer version

The Little Grisette That Could

This is Eric's 2018 Sam Adams Longshot winning Grisette recipe that we tasted on the Brew Files Episode 46. A lovely beer!

The Transformed Ale

A simple modern pale ale recipe designed to explore the impacts of biotransformation.

Tooth's Crystal Ale (1917)

From Peter Symons's Bronzed Brews - A classic pint for a hot summer

Top 40 Gold Malt Liquor

A slightly more sophisticated take on the imperialized version of the American lager

Westcoastmalle Tripel

Denny's Classic Tripel!

What the Hef

A Classical German Hefe that's made for drinking!

Willow Run Wheat Beer

Names for his daughter, this wheat beer captures her liveliness and love of fruits with just a touch of wheaty sweetness

Wood Chipper Red Ale

An Irish Red Ale inspired by Drew's trip to Fargo (courtesy of the Prairie Homebrewing Companions)

Wry Smile RyePA

This is it - this is the world famous Denny Conn Rye IPA. Brewed by many people and companies around the world. It's a classic for a reason! Brew it today and enjoy!

Wyeast 2017 Q3 Winner - Blondie

A Belgian Golden Strong Ale inspired by Clint Eastwood and The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.

Wyeast 2017 Q3 Winner - Drie Drie Trois

Pale, spicy, dry and strong, this Belgian Tripel packs a sneaky punch. Featuring complex, yeast-derived aromatics, citrus and honey, this liquid gold fills your tulip with a bouquet of spicy, peppery phenolics and citrusy-orange esters. A soft alcohol profile combines with a light honey-like maltiness and an effervescent finish. Enjoy a glass or two and you’ll be transported to summer in Belgium

Wyeast 2017 Q3 Winner - Figgybacking

A warm caramelized fig infused dubbel perfect for a cold winter night!

Zum Uerige Alt

A transliterated version of the classic Düsseldorf Altbier